Post Race Recap of 4/16/16

Our weekend was definitely an interesting one to say the least! We got there Friday to shake down the car because we had made so many major changes over the week. During that time we fought with a tight car, shocks, and a blown right rear tire but that didn’t stop me!
We made a few adjustments again Saturday before first practice. They all helped for sure but the car was still just too tight. With the help of Marks Wertz, second practice went much better. We surely didn’t start the race where we needed to but that was alright!
As we took the green in a field of 23 cars door to door, no later than going into turn 3 on the first lap a huge wreck occurred. I was able to dodge through the numerous cars and make it out of turn 4. I believe there were about six or seven cars were involved. Most were able to return to the race. We made a complete restart and got back to racing. I continued to work on running the car hard and focusing on my line! It’s hard for me to remember sometimes not to get down on myself because I am a rookie and not everything can be learned within a matter of 5 races. Unfortunately toward the later portion of the race there was an incident between another car and myself but luckily there was no harm to my car at all. So we got back to racing again and came home with a 15th place finish and all four fenders on the car. All in all, it was a good day at South Boston Speedway. I learned a lot from a few veteran drivers and focused on improvements on track. Thank you to Casey Wyatt for filling in as a Spotter for the weekend. I especially would like to thank my crew for the continuous hard work and effort they put in each and every week because as we all know racing doesn’t just stop for a team during the week. Also thank you to South Boston Speedway and the great staff they have for putting on a great show this weekend. We will be back racing April 30th.

- Maddy Ryan Mulligan